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The Transit of Venus on 2012 June 5/6

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                        transit map 2012
Transit map courtesy of Fred Espenak - NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Geocentric Data


Eclipse begins


Umbra eclipse begins


Greatest eclipse


Umbra eclipse ends


Eclipse ends


Duration 6h 40m

miami USA Montral Canada
Miami FL
Montreal Canada
San Francisco CA
transit of venus 2012
Tokyo San Francisco CA
transit of Venus 2012 Cairo
venus transit 2012 New Delhi
venus transit 2012 Singapore
Cairo New Delhi

map subsolar greatest
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At greatest transit (01:30 UT) the image point of the Sun and of Venus (subsolar point) is located at 22.7° N (=declination of the Sun and Venus) and 157.2° E (=360° - Greenwich hour angle of the Sun and Venus) in the Pacific Ocean: there the greatest transit happens in the zenith of the observer:

Location:  E 157°12'00.0", N 22°42'00.0", 0m                
                                                Sun's          Position   Angular
                               UT1       Altitude   Azimuth     Angle    Separation
                            h  m   s         °          °          °          '
Transit Begins             22:12:05.2      44.6       80.0       41.2       16.2
Ingress Interior Contact   22:29:41.2      48.6       81.0       38.6       15.3
Least Angular Distance     01:28:50.0      89.8       95.8        0.0        9.2
Egress Interior Contact    04:27:51.0      49.1      279.0      292.8       15.3
Transit Ends               04:45:25.3      45.1      279.9      290.2       16.2
Duration:  6h 33m 20.1s

Venus is moving across the Sun's disk like this:

subsolar path of venus
                      across the sun

planes ecliptic 

Earth, Mercury, Venus und Mars on 2012 June 6
by my
Planet Applet

The geocentric end of the transit is at 4:49 UT. The borderline separating the sunlit and darkened hemispheres runs from central Africa to Spain, to east of Ireland, and Greenland, which is in agreement with the prediction Proctor's book plate IX, published in 1882.

transit end

Proctor Tansits of Venus

Richard A. Proctor: Transits of Venus (published in 1882), plate IX (2012 transit).

Check your eyes !


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Gudrun Bucher: Die Spur des Abendsterns: Die abenteuerliche Erforschung des Venustransits, WBG Damstadt, 2011, ISBN 978-3534236336

Nick Lomb: The Essential Companion to the 2012 Transit of Venus: 1631 to the Present, UNSW Press, 2011, ISBN 978-1742232690

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